John and Mary

John and Mary have built a school of management and communications technology, which is located in the former USAID/Kenya offices and accredited by the Kenyan Ministry of Education. Acquiring that accreditation was not easy, but John refused to give up.  When the Ministry wanted to shut him down, he went to the Minister and appealed to him as a constituent who put him in office, noting that they had common interests in making this work.  The Minister listened to this open-hearted appeal, and today the classes are filled with many young men and women.  John says he is not teaching them how to get jobs, but how to make jobs.  He wants to build leaders.

His wife Mary helps to run the school.  From her wheelchair, she makes phone calls, manages schedules, and encourages her team.  When she last walked out of that office six months ago, a windstorm brought a tree down on her car, crushing the car and her 7th cervical vertebra.  Her legs neither feel nor move, and her fingers are of little use.  She has her arms, her husband and her children.  And she has a vision.  There is no time for pity or wondering why, she is too busy investing her dreams in the lives of others.

Story attributed to: Wade Channell, USAID


~ by benmcgeever on October 28, 2010.

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